The High Cost of Losing Your Keys

Have you heard the phrase, "proper prior planning prevents poor performance"? Would you believe this could help you avoid today's high cost of replacing car keys? It is true! If you plan ahead you could avoid unnecessary obstacles, especially when it comes to misplacing or forgetting your keys.

Planning ahead can help save both time and money in a couple of very common scenarios.

The first is being locked out of your home or car. This can be very frustrating but is easily resolved after a phone call to your local locksmith, some patience, and payment for the service. If you are looking to avoid the cost of this service you could consider leaving a spare set of keys with a trusted relative or neighbor to open your home or car in case you are locked out. Another option for your home would be adding keyless entry. We will go more in depth with the different keyless entry options in a future post.

The second more costly scenario is losing your last and only car key. If this happens, you have a couple of options. You could have your vehicle towed to the auto-dealership, schedule service, and hope they have the correct key in stock for your car. You may have your car back in a couple days with a working key and a hefty bill for parts, service, and towing. A more affordable option may be to call a mobile locksmith for service. He or she will drive to you and make new keys on-site. This is usually faster and can be cheaper depending on your type of vehicle. Many times the locksmith is able to offer after-hours and same-day service which may come with an additional fee. If you are unable to go without a vehicle for a couple day this may be the only option. Again, this can be avoided. Before you lose your only car key, have a duplicate key made. This can be done in shop with your local locksmith and typically takes less than30 minutes.

The services mentioned in this post are all offered at Pro Lock Plus. If you are in need or services from being locked out of your home or care or only have one car key give us a call or stop by.