Not All Keyless Entry Locks Are Created Equal: Basic Electronic or Keypad Lock vs Smart Lock

Not All Keyless Entry Locks Are Created Equal: Basic Electronic or Keypad Lock vs Smart Lock

While both are mechanically the same, smart locks have added technology that give the user added functionality and convenience. Many smart locks can be opened from anywhere via an app on your phone.

Basic electronic locks, even without the added functions, still have a purpose in physical security. All offer the convenience of keyless entry with a push button or touch screen, without the need for a physical key. They are great for families or shared spaces where multiple people need access to the same location and provide an easy way to add or delete users at little to no expense. This saves the time and cost of a rekey when you need to take access away for one user. With traditional locks, a rekey would be necessary to ensure the user you would like to remove no longer has access and reissue of new keys for those you want to keep.

If you are looking for more convenience a connected WIFI or Bluetooth option may be for you. A WIFI enable lock offers the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere with a app on your phone. It also gives you access to an audit trail, providing a log to see who is coming in going. The app gives you the ability to remove or add access, at your fingertip. Some offer features to assign temporary keys and limit access to specific days and times. Many now work with Google, Alexa, and Apple providing voice activation. These are the best option for Air Bnb and short-term rentals, giving the ability to remove and add access when renters come and go. Access to WIFI and a hub will be needed for these features. If you are looking for convenience but do not want to connect through WIFI, a Bluetooth enabled lock will provide similar features, but you will have to be within Bluetooth range (around 40 feet) to access and control the lock.

We service and install a wide variety of keyless entry products for our customers. Depending on your situation, and desired use, both keyless entry options are a great addition to the traditional mechanical lock. We do recommend having a key override in the case of no power or electronic malfunctions. Routine maintenance is required to keep them functioning properly.

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