Security Mindset

Security starts with a proper mindset

As a security professional, I often get asked, "what type of locks, alarms, and other security devices are the best to install on my home or business." My answer is, "The ones you will actually use."

High-security locks with an actively monitored alarm system would be pointless if you fail to lock the door and set the alarm. When people get in a hurry they tend to leave doors unlocked and may not set the alarm especially if they are only leaving for a short time. This is what we call an easy or soft-target. Most criminals prey on soft-targets.

To avoid being a soft-target, we must adopt a security mindset. Having a security mindset means checking that doors and windows are properly closed, latched and locked. Setting the alarm if you have one and locking the deadbolt when you leave. It also means protecting your alarm and entry codes from unauthorized people. Allowing someone to watch while you enter a combination is a mistake. Hiding a key under the doormat or in a flower pot is also a bad idea.

Once a proper security mindset has been adopted, we can make better recommendations to help further protect your family, employees and property. Call or drop-in to discuss your security today.